Build the Business and work with clients that inspire you, as you create the impact you crave. 

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I See You

You're Ambitious. You're Hard Working. You are Smart.

and yet....

You're tired, confused and frustrated.

You thought you worked through this, but its a pattern that keeps coming back.

Your'e making progress, but you know you can do it better, faster, and with more ease!

You are sitting in a dilemma....

You want to chart your own path, but you keep asking yourself if you are on the right path? 

  • Like you are trying to please everyone – except yourself?
  • Confused with all the noise out there – the advice, the suggestions, and the pressure?
  • So pressured at doing it “right” – and thats slowing you down

You want to take your own path, but you are constantly doubting yourself

It's a pattern that keeps repeating itself

I know. I get it. I’ve been there. And I know exactly how it feels to be busy all the time, knowing you are brilliant but just not able to focus on accessing your brilliance.

And that's why I've created 

The B-Club

IMG_3203 copy

If you’re saying YES YES YES to all that I’ve said above,

If you’re ready to step up, to make a bold move and transform your business,

If you're sick and tired of doing business in a way that's not working

The B-Club
is exactly what you've been looking for!

Time is running out

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Imagine things being different…

Imagine business flowing to you smoothly. 

Imagine only working with clients who light you up. 

Imagine having free time to enjoy your life. 

Imagine only doing what brings you joy. 

Imagine generative relationships. 

Imagine waking up super excited in the morning.

Build Your Dream Business That Inspires You 

Being a business owner is like riding a rollercoaster of emotions and experiences. We know. We've been there. Our research shows that business owners struggle with creating and holding onto a bold vision, staying motivated, and taking timely decisions that are critical.

The B-Club Program is a unique group coaching program for business owners. Weekly meetings keep you focused on what matters, on track and motivated. You can expect to be constantly

  • learning
  • reflecting and
  • growing your business

With EASE.

Through the various exercises, assessments group coaching and bite sized relevant learning, we gently peel-off limiting behaviours and beliefs in a safe, but challenging environment, thus, driving revenue growth and profitability.

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This is what some of our clients say about working with us!


Meet your Coach

Neeru Sharma 

We know each other! we've worked together, and over the last few years I've helped hundreds of exhausted, and frustrated business owners get off the treadmill, showing them exactly how they can grow their business with EASE.

If you're still on the treadmill, this is your chance to get off it for ever!

Maybe you're thinking you need to first put out all those fires?

Or maybe you're just waiting for all this chaos to die down? 

Maybe you want to take action - but don't know where to start?

Then this Membership Program is a great starting point to get unstuck, challenge your misconceptions and understand the principles of what I teach.

With over 25 years of consulting and coaching experience (including 2 of the top 5 global consulting firms), and almost a decade of academic Teaching experience, where I taught Leadership and Entrepreneurship & Innovation to MBA students at 2 leading global business schools, I bring a power packed experience of research backed business growth support. 

Ive coached and consulted thousands of business owners, entrepreneurs, students and start ups, and 3 of my clients have gone on to have successful IPOs.  Many have been incubated, received funding, or scaled their business. I understand first hand what it takes to take your business from idea to sustainable business and beyond. 

I’ll be putting 100% and I expect you to do the same in return. 

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Is B-CLUB for you?


                      If this is you                                                                 What you can achieve

You want to have impact through your work, you know you can do more, but you just aren’t having a lot of movement

Clear strategy

Sustained impact

Sales plan

You feel like you're on your own. You crave a community, work colleagues and someone to brainstorm with


Place to ask questions and get things done!

Friends to hold you accountable

You want to grow your business but you are not focused, you don’t have a plan, or you cant decide from the array of choices before you

Clarity on target audience



You’re Ambitious and a high achiever but you are stuck. You're not used to not knowing the answers. You are Working really hard, being busy, trying lots of things. But just not seeing results

Effective vs busy

Focused on the right metrics that matter

Clear plan and strategy


No excuses

You are indecisive. You constantly doubt yourself, don’t put in effort, have an excuse when it doesn’t work out


With conviction


You know you can achieve more with more accountability


You have no idea how much money you are making, don’t know how to manage business income - tired of it, but don’t know what else to do

Clear financial plans and actions

You are noticing patterns - Fractal patterns - they are in the same patterns - you get stuck in a loop, and are not aware of it.

Recognising, increasing self-awareness of patterns and learn how to break out of it when they are not serving us

It’s a safe place, almost like a sanctuary where you can come home to who you are, connect to your genius, and take consistent action.

This is not your usual training program. It’s not your usual coaching program either. It’s a unique sanctuary where the eagles of business come to rest.

It’s a place of learning, growing and taking consistent action in your business.

It's not for the coward. Its not for the excuse-makers.


Read what others have to say about Neeru’s life-changing programs and courses

In six months the coaching transformed me and how I do business. Signing up to work with Neeru was the best thing I did this year!

 The Marya Protocol

Coaching - Accountability - Curriculum 

Its our proven methodology of creating sustainable business growth with EASE


1. Clear Strategy, Sales plan & Financial Foundation

MILESTONE - You will have a business plan that is clear and focused

2. Community that provides accountability

MILESTONE - You will have an accountability partner and a personal board of directors 

3. Clarity on target audience, messaging, brand

MILESTONE - You have a clear niche and your message fits for them

4. New work habits: Effective vs busy 

MILESTONE - You will have a focused method to your work, and you will able to name it

5. Pattern Awareness: Recognising, self aware of patterns and how to break out of it, developing ways to break out of them when they are not serving us 

MILESTONE:  You know your patterns and recognise when they do and don’t serve you

6. Confident, with Conviction, Decisive 

MILESTONE:  You know what information you need to make good decisions and you make them with ease

7. Sustained Impact 

MILESTONE:  Your business grows in a planned manner, over time

How we Deliver the Program

In order to have the impact and results you desire, consistency is key. We have built this into the core design of the program. This is not a cookie cutter program, or a franchise. This is a valuable, results oriented program that has been designed from insights gained through hundreds of conversations with business owners, just like yourself.

I will be running this program LIVE through the year


I will deliver bite sized learning every fortnight on topics that will drive your business forward. Ask me anything on this zoom call, bring your current business challenges to be coached live.


Firefighting is not a business strategy. we have designed deep work sessions. You sit at your chair and don't leave it until you're done. Research suggests that small actions taken consistently over time yields massive results.  In these sessions, you decide what needs to get done  - and you do it. 


Covering Business and Self - Leadership topics to keep you learning through the year.









Here's what other business owners have to say

Neeru Sharma

“Working with Neeru has really helped me nail down my strategy, and break it into actionable steps.

I am now able to follow a structured format in a way that is replicable.

I love that by working with her over a year, I have greater clarity, something tangible and a process to replicate this time and again”

CEO, Coachlink

Neeru Sharma

“Making small shifts is important. Working with Neeru, I was able to take small steps towards my goal, and maintain consistency . I can see myself improving, building self-confidence & moving ahead towards my goal.”

General Manager, Khoory & Co

Neeru Sharma
Screenshot 2020-08-06 at 12.11.03 AM

“By working with Neeru, I picked up techniques on breaking sales barriers and the ability to test my own capabilities. I think I would recommend Neeru as a coach to women. I specifically want to say that I think women naturally feel inhibited to sell, and Neerus Process really helps with doing this in a way thats authentic and that works. So I recommend this strongly for women entrepreneurs, simply because they can reflect and really harness their strengths.”


Enroll Here


If you sign up before 15th March, you will have privileged access to our QUARTERLY GOAL SETTING WORKSHOPS. These workshops are reserved only for my 121 clients, but I have a special invite for you for the year to acknowledge your commitment and rapid action to your goals. 


  • Set clear goals for every 3 months through a systematic proven process
  • Learn from a community of more experienced business owners
  • Opportunity to network and build referral partners and relationships

Want to Sign Up?

What to expect

  • Once you enrol, you’ll receive your credentials to log into our Sanctuary (its our online business University), where the program is hosted.
  • Your first lesson - your goal setting will become available to you as soon as you join. 
  • We will kick off the program with a call on 15 March 2021 where we will set up an alliance for how we will work together.
  • Every week you’ll receive prompts to stay focused, and create space to reflect, learn and grow.
  • Every other week, you’ll receive a valuable piece of carefully curated content, via our group coaching sessions. You will also have the opportunity to send me questions in advance that I will answer live on the call.

As a result, you will

Take consistent action

Grow your business in the way that works for you

And you will have a lot of fun!

Pricing options

Pick the price option that best fits your needs:

Sign Up For Yearly Payments

Yearly Plan

$ 2100

a year / $159 per month



Sign Up For Monthly Payments

Monthly Plan


per month



This is what some of our clients say about working with us

  • Neeru Sharma

    “Your ability to address root level challenge especially through subconscious reprogramming & intuitive decision making process helped me unleash true potential.”


  • Neeru Sharma

    “Neeru speaks from the heart, authentic & sharing. I cannot overstate how great the results are in following the simple tools she provides. ”

  • Neeru Sharma

    “She makes the toughest decision so easy. Her approach is unique and she brings out the best in any individual. ”


  • Neeru Sharma

    “Neeru's program was very brilliant & encouraging. I had some key takeaways & that I was able to implement right away.”

  • Neeru Sharma

    “Sharp in bringing out the right tools to help resolve whatever challenge or topic one brings to the coaching session, and this often results in a huge insight for me. ”

    Screenshot 2020-08-17 at 8.26.42 PM

Not sure if this program is for you? Get in touch and we can arrange a no obligation chat to work out if we're the right fit for each other.

Click on the link below to Book a 15 minute chat with Neeru.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Most of your questions will be answered here, but if you have any more, please reach out and ask!

How long does this course last?

This is an annual membership program. The course will run through the year for 12 months.

I don't have an active business. Can I still join?

This program has been created for active business owners, or those who are committed to launching their business this year. So yes, If you are committed to putting in the time and effort to launch your business/ idea then its for you.

I'm going on leave in the summer, can I take a break then?

The program will run across all 12 months of the year. All sessions will be recorded and saved within 48 hours in your online vault for you to access from anywhere you have an internet connection. So you will not miss anything even if you do go on leave

If I have a unique challenge can I still ask in the group?

Yes! There is always something to learn from others unique challenges. If you want to speak to a coach 121 you will also be able to do that by upgrading your membership. Your unique challenges will be covered

Is it possible to have quick chat with you personally? To understand, if I am the right fit for this course.

Yes! Book your 15 minute session with me on this link to see if we are the right fit.

Do I get 1:1 sessions with Neeru?

No. This is a group program. I will be showing up weekly (for the STC sessions) and bi-weekly for Office Hours with Neeru. These will both be in a group, and I encourage you to send your questions in advance. If you need to address a challenge 1:1, you can purchase a session at a special members rate.

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